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Bubblegum Pink Harris Tweed collar

Bubblegum Pink Harris Tweed collar

The lovely Harris Tweed collars are cut, sewn and hand made by myself in Bonnie Scotland, with the help of my fluffy companion – Peggy! A classic wardrobe staple for dapper dogs, we think every special dog deserves one! Collars are all adjustable and high quality, with sturdy webbing sewn inside to ensure durability. All buckles are silver nickel plated release buckles.


We wouldn’t really recommend swimming or rolling in mud whilst wearing the tweed (as no product is indestructible), however they can be hand washed and left to dry if your pup gets extra mucky!


If possible, measure your dog’s current collar to get an exact size. However if you are unsure and need advice on sizing just give us a message! Collar sizes are:


EXTRA SMALL: 6-11 inches


SMALL: 11-15 inches


MEDIUM: 15-22 inches


LARGE: 22-30 inches


Harris Tweed is one of the rarest fabrics in the world, with its own Act of Parliament to protect authenticity and quality. The tweed is woven ONLY in the Isle of Harris in the highlands of Scotland, by independent weavers in their homes and the Harris Tweed Mill. This makes it exceptionally rare with a heritage dating back to the 18th century.


Please note pattern may differ very slightly due to the cut of the tweedIf you wish to return your product please contact us within 10 days of receipt by the website, Instagram or email:

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